Pfunanane Staff


Pfunanane's international teaching staff are qualified, professional, and caring - our staff will not only know your child's name, but they will also be a loving support to them both inside and outside the classroom.  Many of our classes have assistants to give each child as much one-on-one attention as possible.  The children in Grades 4-7 have homeroom teachers, but subjects are also taught by different teachers, allowing the children to benefit from each teacher's area of expertise and receive the most specialized education possible.    

Lesli, Interim Principal

Pertunia, Grade PR

Lettie, Classroom Assistant

Michaela, Grade R-A

Bianca, Classroom Assistant

Debbie, Grade R-B

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Dora, Classroom Assistant

Prisca, Grade 1-A

Precious, Grade 1-B

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Katrina, Grade 2-A

Nadia, Grade 2-B

Theresa, Grade 3-A

Judith, Grade 3-B

Eunice, Grade 4-A

Kelyn, Grade 4-B

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Sanra, Grade 5-A

Paul, Grade 5-B

Leonard, Grade 6

Regis, Grade 7

Addison, Maths

Sandra, Afrikaans

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Winnie, Intern to Foundation Phase

Elliot, Administrative Assistant

Tebogo, Administrative Assistant

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Sarah, Special Programs

Shannon, Assistant Equestrian Director

Joyce, Cleaning Staff

Florence, Cleaning Staff