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Pfunanane Academy is a private English medium primary school that began in 1997, and graduated its first Grade 7 class in 2010.  Pfunanane currently has nearly 400 students, PR through Grade 7.  Each class is small (no more than 26 students), allowing the teachers to give as much attention as possible to each child. We have 2 classes in every grade in order to keep up with demand, with a waiting list in almost every class. The Grade 4-7 students are taught by several different teachers that specialize in specific subjects, allowing them to benefit from each teacher's expertise.     


Pfunanane has high academic standards.  Most of the children begin at Pfunanane in Grade R or PR, and continue all the way through Grade 7. Those who come in later must pass English and Maths entrance tests in order to keep our standards high.


In addition to our academic standards, we strive to teach our children to love and serve Christ, as well as the values of discipline, kindness, servanthood, and hard work. Outreaches into the community help Pfunanane students live out our motto and the meaning of our name - "Let's Help Each Other".  






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