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Cross Country and Athletics  


Our 100-member cross country team has been the best in Mopani district for seven years running, taking at least 1/3 of the medals at every LLSV meeting, with medalists in almost every age category, and 45 children named to the LLSV team in 2019.  We have had numerous Limpopo champions, and our children regularly qualify for the South African Championships. We travel as far as Durban and Cape Town to compete, with several of our children placing in the top-20 in all of South Africa. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments, effort, and great attitudes.  Our athletics team has also been very successful, with our athletes winning both track and field events.  


While not training as intensely as our cross country team, we have an enthusiastic group of boys who jump at the chance to play soccer matches, and practice every chance they get! 

Academic Competition


Pfunanane students successfully compete in debate, spelling competions, and the National Tritech Science competition.  


Rescue in the Night


Our Concert is always done with such excellence and grace! The students love participating in this event!

Performing Arts


A highlight for the kids is always our concerts, which feature singing, dancing and acting. The kids work hard and display tremendous talent while having a great time. DVD's of previous concerts are available in the office! 



Through our outreaches into the community, we seek to not only help the people in our area, but also to instil the value of Christian leadership in our children and teach them to love others as Christ did.  

Equestrian Programme


Our unique equestrian programme uses horses to teach the children responsibility and agricultural skills, as well as a new skill for those learning to ride. Riding horses has been shown to have many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits for children, including improving balance, coordination, and strength, promoting confidence, self-discipline, and empathy, relieving stress, and feeling a sense of control. Riding has also been shown to benefit children with ADHD, learning disabilities, and discipline problems.  We are very excited about all the ways this programme will help our children! We have four loving and patient horses an beautiful facilities for our children to learn to ride on!  

Mini Hockey


2016 saw the start of Pfunanane's very successful mini hockey team, starting with our grade 1's.  They did a great job, coming away from several tournaments with no goals scored against them!  We have continued with mini-hockey every year, and now have teams all the way through grade 5. 


Our children had the great privilege of being invited to learn and compete at the Duiwelskloof Bowls Club in the first-ever schools bowls league - and we came away triumphant, winning the tournament trophy! Several of our children have continued in the sport, and have qualified for the Limpopo team to compete at the South African Bowls Championships.

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